it's Máté Csaba, i live in Budapest, my cellphone is +30)-167-8368, my email address: matecs kukac nop pont hu.
i was born in 1979. october in Budapest
1986: studied at Bikszádi úti általános iskola
1992: studied at Gárdonyi Géza általános iskola
1994: won a programmer competition at Leővei Klára gimnázium
1995: started ProgiBBS and SzüNET
1996: got my driving license
1998: finished at school
1998: first place at Országos Innovációs competition with BugOS
1998: started at Gábor Dénes főiskola, but i left it
1999: registered tcp/udp port 2554 from iana
1999: third place at Országos Innovációs competition with virtual circuits
1999: started programmer/mathematics at ELTE but i left it
2000: started my server
2000: started programmer/mathematics at University of Szeged
2001: internet coffee at Váci street called AMIN based on BugOS
2001: 6th ecnis webpage hosting based on BugOS
2002: the BÉE ordering system based on BugOS
2002: SZTAKI ordered the x25-tcp gateway based on BugOS
2003: started CCNA course at university
2003: own terminal server at the university labour
2004: started lectouring at university CCNA course
2005: ipv6 multicast development at university project
2005: certified as CCNA
2005: give hours at university's CCNA course
2005: started working at lnx
2006: certified as CCNP
2007: onyf wan design and implementation based on cisco
2007: Service Provider CCIE certification, number #19295
2008: audi lan design and implementation based on cisco
2008: Routing&switching CCIE certification with the same number
2009: orfk wan design and implementation based on cisco
2009: vpop wan design and implementation based on cisco
2009: kum lan wan design and implementation based on cisco
2009: mgszh wan design and implementation based on cisco
2009: new project: freeRouter
2010: hbone core redesign based on cisco
2010: fullbgp feed from hbone based on freeRouter
2010: hc lan wan design based on cisco
2011: CCIE recert: routing&switching
2012: znet core design and implementation based on cisco
2012: orfk gsm backup design and implementation based on freeRouter
2013: CCIE recert: routing&switching
2014: started working at hbone/as1955
2014: hbone use freeRouter as primary and backup route reflectors
2014: hbone turned off layer2 in capital rings citywide
2015: hbone traffeng design and implementation
2015: hbone bgp redesign based on freeRouter as route reflector and aggregate/bogon/flowspec originator
2015: freeRouter interop test with junos at dante lab
2015: CCIE recert: routing&switching
2015: presentation about freeRouter at ripe71
2016: presentation about freeRouter at peering days
2016: hbone ipv6 ldp design and implementation
2016: hbone segment routing design and implementation
2017: hbone rpki design and implementation
2017: CCIE recert: routing&switching
2017: coauthor of bgp compressed updates rfc
2017: hbone ddos protection design and implementation
2018: hbone dedicated vpn route reflectors on freeRouter
2018: sulinet redesign and implementation involving 5k cisco cpe
2018: replaced hbone 3rd route reflector to a virtual cisco
2018: hbone igp and bgp checks now based on freeRouter nrpe exports instead of snmp
2018: hbone segment routing v6 design and implementation on freeRouter
2018: hbone address spoofing detector, own prefix visibility detector on freeRouter
2019: looking glass on freeRouter
2019: probe network on freeRouter

my hobby is developing freeRouter because i can learn a lot from it.